Bringer Sports

2022 Fantasy Golf
Online Entry

We are starting the tour January 20, 2022 before the start of the The American Express. There are 11 categories, 101 golfers and we will use 31 tournaments! Here are rules and categories.

Step 1:

Enter a unique player handle and contact information for each entry.
A MAXIMUM of 2 enteries per email address is allowed.

Step 2:

Select only 23 Golfers from the groups below, making sure to select the correct number from each group.

Step 3:

Submit your form and then send your donation. The Greens Fee for this year is $40 and the deadline for your entry is the morning of January 20, 2022.

Please send your $40 donation to via PayPal or the Zelle banking network. When sending your donation, make sure to tell us which HANDLE your donation is for.

Get ready for another exciting PGA season and good luck.

Step 1: Your Information: