2024 Fantasy PGA

2024 Fantasy PGA Season Update

The division amongst the golf world continues. Litigation and lawsuits take center stage while the future of professional golf is on hold. LIV sues the PGA and the PGA counter sues in response. There is a lot of animosity among tours and the players. While LIV golf and Saudi oil are buying up tours around the world, offering an insane amount of money for purses (that the PGA Tour just can't match) the immediate future of this season is in doubt. The PGA is reeling from the loss of prominent players and now corporate sponsors are beginning to question their value of sponsorship. The greed of some, like Michelson and LIV leader Greg Norman, leave the tradition and the competition of professional golf behind. The rumors continue to circulate about the willingness of the Tour to negotiate, but how can you negotiate when there is pending litigation?

At this time, it is difficult to line up the Golfers for our pool when there is uncertainty around who is committed to play on the PGA Tour. The tournaments may be altered to fewer golfers with new competition rules. As the season rolls into the new year, we will reevaluate our Fantasy Golf setup. One option we are considering is fewer categories along with fewer choices in some categories. We want to continue to make this pool as fair as possible, how many of you had Dustin Johnson last year? We don't want that to happen again this year. We have ideas and we hope to have something together by the Players Championship in early March. We will make updates about the future of our Fantasy PGA as the upcoming season takes shape.

In the meantime... Did you know Fred Astaire was an exceptional golfer with a one 1 handicap. In 1938 he produced a film named "Carefree", in which he used a combination of dance and golf moves. The extract below lasts 1 minute, and was filmed unedited and only 1 take!